Display your work

Are you interested in displaying your work on orkneyphotos.co.uk?

To start with there is a small number of spaces for people to display some of their work for free. (Up to 20 photos/images initially)

As with the selling your work section, you own the copyright and orkneyphotos.co.uk will never take ownership of your work. We also assume that your work is actually your own work and have copyright to it. Please read the terms and conditions on the Ts&cS page. (Especially Section 3)

We would love to display your work along side other great photographers and artists, so please get in touch if you are interested.

Sell Your Work

Are you interested in selling your work on orkneyphotos.co.uk?

One of the main reasons I re-designed this website was to offer other photographers and artists a chance to easily get their work online and eventually with the option to sell their work as well.

Once I get the online store and the selling plans setup. I will be offering a small number of spaces on the website at a reduced rate to begin with, so if you are interested in selling your work we would very much like to hear from you. Please get in touch to register your interest. (No obligations)

Please note that we do not guarantee sales of your work, but the more people who join and spread the word of orkneyphotos.co.uk the higher the likeliness of sales will become.

Lastly please read and agree to the terms and conditions on the Ts&Cs page. (Especially section 3)

We look forward to working with you.