History of the website

This section has a brief history of orkneyphotos.co.uk and what it now does and why it was setup.

I purchased the orkneyphotos.co.uk domain name in early 2005.  This was just after I took an interest in digital photography and I wanted experience in setting up a website to show my photos to friends and family.

My site has undergone various transformations in its time, with it remaining the same for 2 or 3 years for various reasons and it looking very dated, it was time to get back to work on the website.  As the orkneyphotos.co.uk domain name is a great name to have, rather than having my website sitting stagnant, I learnt new website technology and started on the redesign of the website, but also the whole plan of what I want to do with it.  I created a logo, decided on a colour scheme to match and tried to make the site look a lot more modern than what it was.

In addition to having produced this new website, there will also be an online shop (coming soon), meaning that I can use this platform to sell my work.

I also created social media pages with Facebook being my most used to further show my work. I still was only expecting maybe 20-40 likes from friends and family. I can't believe how many likes it now has!  I have done various free giveaways to thank people for following the Facebook page and to get my work out to people.

Once I get the online shop up and running, I do have further plans for the future of www.orkneyphotos.co.uk and I really hope I find the time to see these plans through. 



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