Please take the time to read the terms and conditions for the use of These outline the legal terms and conditions that govern the use of services provide to you, including content, products and services. (Within these terms and conditions may also be referred to as “we”, “our” and “us”, terms and conditions may also be referred to as “terms”, photographers and artists may also be referred to as just “artist” or “artists” finally photo(s), image(s), artwork or prints may also be referred to as just “images” or “work”.

By visiting our site you agree to section 1 of our terms (website visitors).

By using our service to purchase products/items you agree to section 2 of our terms (purchasing)

By subscribing to our service to sell your work (photos, artwork, prints, etc) you agree to section 3 of our terms (selling)

Also please read section 4, Amendment of Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page.

If you do not agree with any of the below terms please do not use our website and or services we provide.

Section 1: Website Visitor

1) Privacy

We are committed to ensuring your privacy is safe when visiting our site.

Data we collect: When browsing our website we may collect anonymous data such as web browser you used, pages on our site you visited. We use cookies as most other websites do. We may use this cookie to let us calculate the amount of traffic our website receives. At the moment we don’t use cookies for other purposes but will update our terms if we do. We do not sell any information to other companies.

2) Copyright

We sell and display photographers and artists work and do not own copyright on any of their work, or other products they sell on our site. Individuals who upload their work to our site are either the copyright owner or uploading on behalf of the individual who owns the copyright. You are not permitted to make illegal copies or edit any photos / images on our site without the copyright owners permission.

We do own the copyright to our website design, inc. logo, text and company name

Copyright Violation can be reported by emailing (or the contact page) providing information on which image(s) you believe are in breach of copyright, the reason(s) why you believe this and if possible the name of the artist who has upload the image to our site. We have the right to remove the image from our website until the situation has been resolved and will do so as promptly after we receive the email as we can. We also have the right to remove other / all images by the artist and even disable their account if need be. As we do not own the copyright to the image(s) we and not liable for any copyright infringements and will advise the artist of the complaint and do our best to solve the situation if we can. Otherwise we will provide contact details of the artist in question.

3) External links

There are links to external websites on our website, we do not accept responsibility or liability of their website inc. content, products or services, or the accuracy or availability of these sites. We will do checks that the links to external sites still work at a specified time interval. Any links that are not available or you believe are inappropriate can be reported to and this will be investigated.

Section 2: Purchasing

When purchasing products from our site the following extra terms apply.


When purchasing products from our website we will require your name, delivery address, email and phone number to post your order to. We will never share or sell this information onto other companies or individuals. We may email or phone to update you on order status. We take payments via paypal so we do not store any credit/debit card details as this is handled via paypal.

2) Availability

We may change, discontinue our products and service at any time without prior notice. If there is an issue with supply of a product you have purchased we will contact you to arrange a refund or to ask if we can send another product in it’s place.

3) Printing and Posting

We print each order rather than stockpiling prints to give you the best quality. This does take longer. We are not responsible or liable for any issues the external printing company may have that will delay the order. We also post using the quickest method depending on your location but we are not liable for any delay in postal service which delays your order. We will contact you if there is a known delay in your order.

If you receive an incorrect order please get in touch as soon as possible. If you are returning items please ensure they are well packaged in the original packaging (where possible) with a copy of the order confirmation.

Section 3: Selling

When selling on our website the following extra terms apply.

1) Privacy

When selling on our site we securely store your contact names along with the preferred payment details. We do not share your information or sell it to other companies or individuals apart from in the case of copyright infringement. (Please see section 3 below)

2) Service

When you apply to use our service you will be asked to provide a number of images to us so we can ensure these are appropriate for our website. (These can be in digital or printed form). We have the right to decline applications to use our selling service.

It is the responsibility of the artist submitting their work to ensure that the file size is correct for the products they are selling. This includes the resolution of the image and the aspect ratio of the image. You are given a choice of products you sell via our website and you need to ensure the image will print to the size required keeping the quality. We may require you to provide a printed version as proof.

To register to sell your photos / prints age restrictions apply

We have the right to modify the service or selling package, giving your when possible 30 days notice.

We have the right to stop the service we provide to you at any time, depending on the circumstances a refund may be issued.

Any further images submitted to our site will be checked for suitability and we can refuse to upload the image(s) to our website.

We have the right to chose any print shop to print your image(s) and change this without notice but we do try to use the same one for quality control.

3) Copyright

When submitting any of your work to us you must own the copyright to it and we do not take any responsibility for copyright of any of your work, we are not liable for any copyright infringements. If we receive a complaint from a customer advising any of your work is in breach of copyright we will advice you of this and we will try and help in the situation but if need be we will pass on your contact details to the person who raised the complaint. We have the right to remove any or all of your work from our website until the situation has been rectified. In some cases we will cancel your subscription to our selling package.

We will never copy or edit your work or sell it without you knowing, we are not liable for other companies or individuals who may copy, edit or sell your work without your permission.

4) Income

Any orders for your work will be recorded and once a month we will provide a statement and pay the amount due to you via your preferred payment method. We are not responsible or liable for any tax you are due to pay by selling your work. This is up to you to declare income as you subscribe to a selling package we do not employ you.

5) Cancellation.

If you wish to cancel your subscription of one of our selling packages we need to be notified by email or letter four weeks before the next months payment is due (if paying monthly). If paying yearly a refund may be given depending on the circumstances

We have the right to stop your subscription at any time. If you have not complied to our terms and conditions inc. copyright issues we can cancel your subscription to our service without refund. We also have the right to completely stop the service we offer or change the service.

Section 4: Amendment of Terms and Conditions

We have the right to amend our Terms and Conditions at any time at our discretion. We have a date below that shows when the terms were last changed.

If you continue to use our website after this you have agreed to these new terms, if you do not agree with our new terms it is up to you to stop using our website and or services.

If you subscribe to one of our selling packages and change of terms will effect you we will email you to let you know the amended terms and the date they will take affect.


-If you have any questions of comments about our services please email us at