History of the website

This section has a brief history of orkneyphotos.co.uk and what it now does and why it was setup.

I purchased the orkneyphotos.co.uk domain name in early 2005.  This was just after I took an interest in digital photography and I wanted experience in setting up a website to show my photos to friends and family.

My site has undergone various transformations in its time, with it remaining the same for the past 2 or 3 years.  As the orkneyphotos.co.uk domain name is a great name to have, rather than having my website sitting stagnant, I came up with a far better idea!

I thought as well as giving the site a fresh up-to-date look, I would use the website as a platform to sell not only my work, but also give others the opportunity to get their work seen on the internet, and even sell it.

In addition to having produced this new website, there will also be an online shop (coming soon), meaning that all that sellers would have to do is get their work together, and I would do the rest.

I believe that with having a number of different photographers and artists on this site, it will attract far more customers to the site.  (Compared with each photographer or artist setting up their own sites.)  Every photographer / Artist has their own style which will bring more variety for customers to browse through and purchase.

About Our Products

I plan to start by selling a limited choice of products, in the future the range of products will hopefully grow. 

At the moment we do not keep a stock of prints. When an order comes in we then put the request to the print company and then we check this print against the original to ensure the quality is up to our standards and also that the colours are produced the way they should be.  We then package them up safely and send them out to the customer as soon as possible.

The business is a part time business but you will still receive a great service.


For important information such as copyright and payment security please see the terms and conditions page.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, or if you would like to join the team of photographers / artists see the Contact page.